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In House Recording Studio

video podcast studio in calgary

Need a place to tell your story?

We offer a fully equipped green screen recording studio in our Calgary, Alberta office. This gives our clients an easy, cost effective means of producing high volumes of content.

This is a fantastic solution for longer form videos on topics like safety, orientation and training.

Not comfortable being on camera? No problem. We also have professional actors who can speak to your audience in a way that is engaging, fun, and informative.

Corporate Video Production

Complete Video Production Services

Our team is fully equipped to handle your video project from start to finish. We offer complete packages, which include:

Marketing Strategy

We aren’t just a film agency, we’re marketing experts. Video is simply a tool we use to help our clients achieve their marketing goals, and our agency focuses on the broader picture of marketing challenges as a whole. 

Creative Project Planning

We will start by evaluating your companies needs and goals and determining the best way that video can help your company overcome obstacles and achieve growth. We will then generate creative video ideas and concepts to maximize the effectiveness of any video work we produce. 


Our team of storytellers and copywriters will then go to work creating scripts to showcase your company, products and services in the best light possible. 


After the planning phase is complete, it’s time to bring your project to life. We will capture corporate style sit down interviews, B roll, and any other footage we need to bring the project to life.

Advanced Video Editing

The editing room is where the real magic happens. Once filming is complete, our talented team will go to work turning raw footage into a masterpiece. 

Our Work

Our Tool Belt


Our team of creative video producers will create eye catching videos to promote your brand.

Aerial Imagery

We use drones to show off your operations in a way that can’t be done justice from the ground. 


We capture and edit beautiful images from the ground and the sky. 


Not only will we create your content, but we will also promote it to our massive social media following. 

Website Design

We build beautiful, modern and multifunctional websites to showcase your business. 

Social Media Management

We will manage and grow your social media to give you one less thing to worry about. 

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