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Topcon offers the industry’s broadest range of products and services designed to help take the grading facet of your operation to the next level. Solutions which draw upon the strengths of machine automation and enhance them with web-based services, yield one, highly-efficient, grading operation. Speed, accuracy and production are not mutually-exclusive terms. With grading solutions from Topcon, you can have it all.

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 Topcon Roadshow

The 53-foot Topcon mobile solutions center is all packed up and headed your way full of the industry’s latest and most innovative technology. With all the benefits of a trade show and user conference rolled up into one half day, hands-on learning environment, — we will show you the complete scope of Topcon job site solutions that can help you to improve your workflow and maximize your productivity.

Topcon leverages live demos and classroom presentations with hands-on experiences to help you make a more empowered and informed buying decision. Whether you are in the construction, mapping, BIM, or surveying industries, we will have learning opportunities and industry experts on site to help answer all of your questions.

Who Should Attend?

The Topcon Technology Roadshow is perfect for contractors, engineers, precision farmers and mine or land surveyors. Whether you just have a desire to know more about the ever-changing technology landscape or you are looking to adopt new technologies to increase efficiencies and job site productivity – this roadshow is for you.


What will you learn?

Each stop on the roadshow is designed to give you more information in just a few short hours than you could possibly research in a month or longer! The focus of each stop on the roadshow will show you:
•The latest tools and technologies available for the job site and office.
•The most accurate machine control systems in the industry, in action.
•The impact of field computer technology and geopositioning on project data, communication, and administration.
•The latest BIM layout and 3D solutions.
•Complete job site solutions that maximize productivity and fit any size business model.
•The latest in precision agriculture technology.
•High accuracy aerial mapping solutions.

What will you do?
•Understand the state of our ever-changing industry and what technologies you should consider adopting to stay competitive.
•Participate in hands-on demonstrations designed for each specific application and experience for yourself how these technologies can be applied to your existing workflows and business model.
•Engage with industry experts who will answer your question and help you understand the appropriate technology for your business needs.

How much does it cost?

The Topcon Technology Roadshow is absolutely FREE, and lunch is included so you can’t lose!
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