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Hiring Campaigns

The Job Market Is Changing.

You may have noticed this if you’ve tried to fill entry level positions lately. That massive stack of resumes you had on your desk a few years ago may not be as thick as it once was.

If you’ve experiencing this, know that you’re not alone. This has become an industry wide problem and hiring in 2022 is different. Finding people to fill entry level and experienced positions is no longer as easy as putting a job posting up online. Our team has identified this as one of the top issues that has been limiting the growth of companies in this day and age.

Thankfully for you, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop solutions to this issue. The problem isn’t that people don’t want to work for you, the problem is that nobody knows about the opportunities your company provides and everything you have to offer.

We take a two step approach to solving this problem for you. The first step is to build you a strong online presence. through web design, professional videos, and growing your social media following, we show off your company in a way that makes people eager to apply.

The next step is to build you a tailored hiring campaign. We will sit down with you to determine exactly what your hiring needs are, then we will create hiring ads and social media posts to attract the right kind of people to fill your seats and get behind your tools. We will also streamline the application process by building you a simple and customized application form right onto your website.


How We Tackle Hiring:

Enhancing Your Online Presence

By growing your social media, building you a beautiful website, and creating videos to showcase what it’s like to work for you.

Custom Hiring Campaigns

After identifying your ideal candidate, we create social media posts and advertising to target them specifically. 

Streamlined Application Process

We build customized application forms where applicants can easily apply to your website without any headaches. 

Social Media Growth

It’s Now More Important Than Ever.

A few short years ago, it was a mere competitive advantage. In this day and age it’s absolutely essential. 

When you place a bid on a new contract, create a job posting or seek funding, the person on the other end of the screen will almost always check out your social media accounts. 

In many cases, this is your biggest opportunity to showcase your company and the values you stand for. Are you a safety oriented business? Are your operations environmentally friendly? Do you offer a great place to work? These are just some of the questions people will have, and social media is the best way to show them the answers. 


In House Recording Studio

Need a place to tell your story?

We offer a fully equipped green screen recording studio in our Calgary, Alberta office. This gives our clients an easy, cost effective means of producing high volumes of content.

This is a fantastic solution for longer form videos on topics like safety, orientation and training.

Not comfortable being on camera? No problem. We also have professional actors who can speak to your audience in a way that is engaging, fun, and informative.

Our Tool Belt


Our team of creative video producers will create eye catching videos to promote your brand.

Aerial Imagery

We use drones to show off your operations in a way that can’t be done justice from the ground.


We capture and edit beautiful images from the ground and the sky.


Not only will we create your content, but we will also promote it to our massive social media following.

Website Design

We build beautiful, modern and multifunctional websites to showcase your business.

Social Media Management

We will manage and grow your social media to give you one less thing to worry about.