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Topcon 3D grade management system training

This course covers both our Topcon Pocket 3D grade management software as well as our Topcon 3DMC machine control software. Please note this course does not include machine control operator training. It is intended for pointman, grademan, foreman and supervisors looking to better understand the complete Topcon Grade Management solution.​
Topics covered in the course include:
• Surveying 101

• Equipment Set-up​

• Display Settings

• File Management

• Base Station Set-up

• Site Set-up & Localization

• Working with Points

• Collecting Data

• Line Work & Surfaces​​
• Volumes

• 3D Office Basic Functions

• Troubleshooting

• 3DMC Systems

• Overview of 3DMC Software

• Machine Builder Settings

• Machine Radio & GPS Settings

• Machine Position Checks

• Machine Troubleshooting​

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