Dirt Life Podcast

Explores the construction industry with insights from experts and enthusiasts. Hosted by Scott Colclough, it covers topics like technology, equipment, workforce development, and industry challenges. Ideal for both seasoned professionals and newcomers, each episode offers practical advice and inspiring stories to help you thrive in the construction world. Tune in to dive deep into the dirt life.

In this episode of the Dirt Life Podcast, Mike Kervin from Leica Geosystems joins us. Mike, a licensed land surveyor since 1989 with extensive experience in surveying and engineering within the construction field, now focuses on educating others about reality capture and surveying technologies at Leica.

He discusses the accessibility and benefits of machine control for contractors, highlighting how technology simplifies operations and supports a wide range of construction activities. Mike emphasizes the importance of investing in training and maintaining a skilled workforce to leverage technology effectively.

Additionally, Mike explores how advancements in technology, like GPS and reality capture, have transformed the construction industry by improving efficiency and accuracy. He also addresses common misconceptions about Leica and shares insights into the company’s efforts to educate and integrate more users into adopting their cutting-edge solutions.

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In Episode 12 of the Dirt Life Podcast, we explore how technology like GPS and machine control is revolutionizing construction. Our guest, Adam, shares his experiences with these innovations and the excitement of using specialized equipment like the Gomaco sidewalk curb extruder.

We discuss estimating concrete needs, running a construction division, and the importance of attracting skilled workers. The episode also tackles workforce development, challenging the stigma of blue-collar work, and advocating for better training programs.

Additionally, we balance technology and tradition, highlighting the need to maintain fundamental skills while embracing new advancements.

In this episode, our host chats with industry expert Tarren Pidherney about his journey from moving companies to building his own.

Discover how Road to Rail evolved into a construction powerhouse in under three years, implementing paperless systems and tackling diverse projects, including rail construction. Hear about their adventures at Bauma, the prestigious trade fair in Germany, and how it compares to ConExpo.

Learn about the critical role of operators, Road to Rail’s focus on employee satisfaction, and strategies for retaining talent. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is packed with valuable insights and inspiration for thriving in the construction industry. Plus, a whole lot more.