Advertising for your Company

“Pushysix, the brand that dominates social media.”


In today’s age, its all about social media and how many people you have direct access too…This is exactly what gives “The Pushysix Brand” its seemingly unfair advantage to Advertise, Promote, & Boost Sales of products and services, just to name a few.

Pushysix is everywhere on the internet, and has spent many years building a huge online presence on many of the top media platforms along with embedding itself within Construction related searches, topics and content.


How Pushysix can grow your business

We create it, we promote it, and direct potential clients straight to you!

“Complete Advertising Solution”.


Pushysix can reach roughly 100,000 people within 24 hrs using its media outlets to promote your business, product or service. Globally!.

Pushysix is a complete advertising solution, from building a custom company advertisement in the form of picture or video, to also distributing and promoting it on our construction network directing potential clients straight to you!




  • Video
  • Picture/Banner
  • In video streaming ads on YouTube

Ad Placement

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube – Entire promo video upload or in video streaming(linked) ad.
  • Heavy Equipment Forum