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Our Team

We’re Not Your Typical Agency.

We’re a team of videographers, video editors, writers, actors/actresses, digital marketers and more. When onboarding new employees, the biggest things we look for are creativity and passion. We believe that technical skills can be acquired, but passion is something certain people are born with.


Our team is highly experienced within the industries we serve.  We come from backgrounds of equipment operating, trades, construction management, and people who understand blue collar industries inside and out. After all, who is better to tell the story of construction than those who have truly lived it?


Our employees are hand picked for their creative excellence, passion and technical aptitude. All our team members are put through rigourous technical training to ensure that our end product remains world class. We hold ourselves to very high standards and quality is something we refuse to compromise on.


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Digital Marketers

Message From Our Founder

I’m Scott from Pushysix. I’ve worked in construction most of my life. I noticed that something was missing in construction. None of the companies had any kind of online presence, most of them didn’t even have a website. On top of that it was really hard for people to get into the industry.

I realized that most companies had no marketing plan to grow online and attract quality talent. My team and I aim to change that. 

Scott Colclough – Founding Partner